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Conversion from geotropic to apogeotropic direction changing positional nystagmus resulting in heavy cupula positional vertigo: case report
Antonia Elisa Lagos, Phoebe Helena Ramos, Karina Aracena-Carmona, Iván Novoa
Open access
Available online 15 December 2020
Implications of musical practice in central auditory processing: a systematic review
Cinthya Heloisa Braz, Laura Faustino Gonçalves, Karina Mary Paiva, Patricia Haas, Fernanda Soares Aurélio Patatt
Open access
Available online 10 December 2020
A rare case of endolymphatic sac hemangioma in a patient alleged to have Ménière’s disease
Valentina Longoni, Paola Scagnelli, Giancarlo Tirelli, Vittorio Pietro Achilli
Open access
Available online 9 December 2020
Aberrant common and internal carotid arteries and their surgical implications: a case report
Marina Nahas Dafico Bernardes, Natália Carasek Matos Cascudo, Mikhael Romanholo El Cheikh, Victória Franco Gonçalves, Pauliana Lamounier, Hugo Valter Lisboa Ramos, Claudiney Candido Costa
Open access
Available online 9 December 2020
Spontaneous regression of adenocarcinoma of submandibular gland
Otávio A. Curioni, Pedro de Andrade Filho, Andreza de Jesus Prates, Abrão Rapoport, Rogério Aparecido Dedivitis
Open access
Available online 9 December 2020
Diagnosis and treatment of the short-arm type posterior semicircular canal BPPV
Lin Ping, Zhou Yi-fei, Wu Shu-zhi, Zheng Yan-yan, Yang Xiao-kai
Open access
Available online 8 December 2020
Masseter muscle flap for reconstruction of intra-oral defects in patients with early cancer of posterior-inferior parts of the oral cavity
B.C. Rajani, Hoda Nadimul, Ghosh Subhabrata, K.S. Sabitha, Annavarjula Vinitha, B. Vasantha Dhara
Open access
Available online 8 December 2020
Sestamibi scan in renal parathyroidectomy: a worthwhile preoperative exam?
Murilo Catafesta das Neves, Augusto Riedel Abrahão, Marcio Abrahão, Marcello Rosano, Lillian Andrade da Rocha, Hanna Karla Andrade Guapyassu Machado, Rodrigo Oliveira Santos
Open access
Available online 8 December 2020
Pachymeningeal carcinomatosis: an unusual location of metastization of adenoid cystic carcinoma
André Pires, Cláudia Vieira, Manuel Jácome, Diana Moreira, Mavilde Arantes
Open access
Available online 7 December 2020
Validation of the Modena bleeding score in endoscopic sinus surgery
Matteo Alicandri-Ciufelli, Luca Pingani, Francesco Maccarrone, Lukas Anschuetz, Davide Mariano, Gian Maria Galeazzi, Livio Presutti, Giulia Molinari
Open access
Available online 3 December 2020
Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology (English Edition)

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